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Agistment for ponies and hacks..... situated between Dubbo and Gilgandra.


Agistment packages available

10% Discounts for second or subsequent horses for all paddocks. 

Please note that a non refundable booking fee of $50.00 per horse is required. This will be taken off your first month's agistment. No paddocks will be held without a booking fee. An Agreement and Waiver will need to be signed before horses are allowed to be agisted. 

Natural minerals can be fed to horses only in private paddocks.  This eliminates the need for paste wormers and allows your horse to source the right amount of minerals he/she needs to balance their body.  The cost for this is an extra $5.00 per week and is added to the morning and afternoon feeds.

Please see  Accounting for how fees are worked out. We bill by the calendar month, not every 4 weeks.   The only extras you will incur will be for farrier, worming and vet fees.  If you choose to give your horse minerals, then a worming paste will not be used as this can lead to an overdose of copper in their system.


No rugging or fly veils done

Horses in a shared paddock situation need to have either no shoes or at least the back ones removed prior to coming here. Certificates for strangles and tetanus vaccinations must be sighted by us.

Horses With Friends Paddock.

$35.00 per 7 day week

  • Large safe paddocks. 
  • Moved onto fresh grass regularly. 
  • No rugging or feeding provided with this option. 

 Agistment of some of the Horses With FriendsThis is the most popular choice as many people just want to keep their horse safe and have all the facilities of an equestrian centre as well as the use of a safe riding area. These horses are not rugged. If you wish your horse to be fed and/or rugged, it needs to be in its own private paddock (The "Solitaires" Paddock).

The Horses With Friends are rotated onto fresh grass as the need arises. All of the paddocks have a generous number of shade trees to stand under to keep nice and cool. All of the pasture is mineralised and fertilised regularly. We have an assortment of native perennial grasses in the pasture, that is based on palatability from a horses point of view, not a humans! You are welcome to come and see your horse during the day at any time throughout the week as well as the weekend. Horses will be brought back close to the main facilities for the weekends, if they are in one of the farther paddocks.

Horses are to arrive in good condition.  Any horse that is in poor condition will need to be fed to bring them up to a reasonable condition before turning them out in the paddock.  The cost of this will be at owners expense. 

As all horses are quarantined for 2 weeks, it may be necessary for the Horses With Friends to be fed hay during this time. This depends on the season. The cost of the hay will be deducted from your monthly agistment fee. However if there are any extra feed expenses over your monthly fee, then this will be at your cost. The amount will depend on his size,metabolism and the cost of hay at the time.

3 metre laneways all around the paddock to prevent over the fence fighting.

Rugging, Fly veils and having your horse ready for the Farrier or Vet all included in the price for Private Paddocks. 

The Solitaires Paddock of 1 acre. Including Hard Feed.

$140.00 per 7 day week.

If you require minerals, please let us know.

Your own individual paddock of approximately 1 acre.

  • All paddocks are protected from other horses by a 3 metre laneway, all around their paddock.  
  • Electric fencing with white tops on posts.  
  • Paddocks will be harrowed regularly. 
  • Quarantine time served in your own paddock

Jenny & Toby enjoying the private paddock agistment

Horses will be fed twice a day and their paddock is harrowed regularly. If you have a special diet, that you want fed, we can accommodate but at an additional cost, or you supply the additives. Only quality feeds are used.  Horses can be rugged and unrugged depending on your requirements.



Holiday Horses .

We are happy to take in holiday horses but they must be put in a private paddock.  This allows the quarantine period to be served in their own paddock.  They will have full feed.  Cost as per private paddock fees above. 

Lactating mares

Lactating mares are only put in a private paddock so as to protect the foal. We charge  $25.00 per day, to ensure she has all the feed needed to raise a healthy foal.  Lactating mares eat a lot more grass than empty mares or geldings. The foal is considered to be a separate entity upon reaching 6 months of age.  That is the foal is charged separately for whatever package it is going into.  All colt foals need to be gelded by 6 months to run in a paddock situation.

Additional services.

Veterinary, farrier and teeth will be done at clients expense. Small charge of $5.00, if you can't be here to assist provider of service required. Private paddock people are not charged for getting their horse ready for the farrier or vet. It is your choice whether the service provider comes from Gilgandra or Dubbo.